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French Clay Magnolia + Charcoal & Honey Soap

French Clay Magnolia + Charcoal & Honey Soap

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French Clay & Magnolia Soap Contains: Geranium oil, Patchouli oil, French pink clay

A must-have for sun damaged skin, this soap will improve blood and lymph circulation to promote healing. Essential oils are calming and ease symptoms of headache, colds, dermatitis, digestive issues and potential allergies as well as alleviating stress and anxiety.


Charcoal & Honey Soap Contains: Patchouli oil, Bergamot oil, Moroccan red clay, activated Charcoal and Honey.

Soothing, detoxifying and antibacterial, Krocus Boutique's Charcoal and Honey soap contains amino acids and antioxidants to clear & cleanse your skin while essential oils having immunomodulatory, stimulate skin cell renewal, redistributing skin pigments for an even and toned complexion. Feel healthy inside and soft and supple on the outside with the benefitting properties of honey that diminishes the signs of premature ageing and hydrates the skin.

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