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French Clay & Magnolia Soap

French Clay & Magnolia Soap

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French Clay & Magnolia Luxury Bath Soap

Contains: Geranium oil, patchouli oil, French pink clay

It is time to unveil the secret to a sensual walk-through beauty, adorned with the mesmerizing touch of nature’s gifts. Step into the world where grace embraces grandeur because Krocus Boutique’s wellness-driven, therapeutic and exquisite treatment-based French Clay & Magnolia Soap is the supreme combination of natural radiance crafted specifically to match your elegance and help you embark on your skin health journey.

Flaunt your radiant beauty confidently with the fine amalgamation of superior natural ingredients. Sourced from elements rich in minerals, this soap is a luxurious jewel for your skin. The shining texture of your skin will be a wondrous and captivating spectacle for others who shower you with admiration. Embrace the supreme touch of elegance weaved with the enchanting love of nature with the French Clay & Magnolia Soap.


What is French Clay & Magnolia Luxury Bath Soap? 
Luxurious bath soaps are premium quality soaps crafted particularly for providing optimal benefits to your skin. Unlike regular soaps which use harsh chemicals and artificial fragrances, luxury nutricosmetics like Krocus Boutique soaps are made purely of natural ingredients. Because of their natural constituents, these soaps never strip the natural oils present in your skin. Instead, they are gentle and keep the skin hydrated. These soaps bestow upon your skin all the benefits of the natural nourishing ingredients. Moreover, luxury bath soaps are eco-friendly due to their biodegradable nature.


Ingredients of French Clay & Magnolia  Luxury Bath Soap
Krocus Boutique’s French Clay & Magnolia Luxury Bath Soap is made with the pure perfection of French pink clay. Added to it is the magic of the geranium oil and patchouli oil. A perfect combination of these three ingredients takes you to a timeless tranquility of beauty.

French Clay & Magnolia Luxury Bath Soap's Ingredients and their uses 
Get an elegance that stays forever with Krocus Boutique’s French Clay & Magnolia Luxury Bath Soap. A harmonious blend of French pink clay with essential oils gives you the smooth, glowy skin of your dreams. French pink clay, with its gentle exfoliating properties, removes dead cells and gives a smooth, bright appearance to your skin. It controls excessive oil production, prevents acne, and makes your skin even more hydrated. With its amazing healing properties, French pink clay also has wound-healing properties. The antibacterial properties of geranium oil offer you complete protection from acne, skin irritation, and inflammation. One of the best aromatherapeutic agents, geranium oil, helps alleviate stress or anxiety. Plus, patchouli oil is timelessly used for reducing acne and acne marks, skin infections, wrinkles, and fine lines. It helps battle other skin conditions such as premature aging, excessive oil production, skin redness, etc.


Why incorporating French Clay & Magnolia Luxury Bath Soap would be beneficial? 
When you choose a product for your skin, it should be a complete package of benefits. A single remedy for all your skin conditions is better than finding individual solutions to address each of your skin concerns. Choosing Krocus Boutique’s luxury French Clay & Magnolia Luxury Bath Soap ensures complete skin protection, providing solutions for acne, blemishes, skin infections, wrinkles, premature aging, stress, and much more. The gentle touch of this soap imparts moisturization and makes your skin hydrated. Expect a magical combination of health and pure beauty with the touch of this soap. Plus, the soap is an aromatic oasis that elevates your mood to a serene paradise.

How to use French Clay & Magnolia Luxury Bath Soap? 
Get ready to enjoy the golden glow of your skin with the pampered purity of the soap. Wet your face and body thoroughly in lukewarm water. Take the French Clay & Magnolia Luxury Bath Soap and moisten it with water. Start applying the soap gently to your face and body in a circular motion (to promote blood circulation). Enjoy the lather and then wash your face and body thoroughly in water and experience the lustrous luminescence on your skin. 

Frequently Added Questions

Is French Clay & Magnolia Luxury Bath Soap pH neutral? 
Yes. The soap has a neutral pH that seamlessly aligns with the natural pH of your skin. The soap is gentle and does not strip natural oil from your skin, nor does it pose any irritation. Enriched with a pack of natural ingredients, this soap makes your skin ever more nourished and hydrated. 

What are the benefits of French Clay & Magnolia Luxury bath soap over others? 
Krocus Boutique’s French Clay & Magnolia Luxury Bath Soap is a complete source of several benefits that solve all your skin problems. While regular soaps do not address specific skin problems, this soap provides an array of benefits that offer complete protection for your skin. When you are in search of a comprehensive shield that pampers and protects your skin, look no further—grab the source of opulence with this organic and luxury soap.

Is French Clay & Magnolia Luxury soap suitable for for sensitive skin? 
Yes. This soap works well on all skin types, especially on sensitive skin. This soap is made up of several nourishing natural ingredients and is completely free from any type of chemical components.

Is French Clay & Magnolia Luxury soap good for body acne? 
Absolutely! The primary ingredient in the soap is French pink clay, which is an excellent agent in preventing acne. Along with French clay, the other ingredients-geranium oil, and patchouli oil add more benefits to your skin, thereby helping in acne treatment and preventing breakouts.

Can French Clay & Magnolia Luxury bath soap be used daily and is the soap fragranced?
Absolutely! Using the soap daily can get you the best results for your skin’s health. Yes! Krocus Boutique's luxury French Clay & Magnolia luxury bath soap is fragranced and is an aromatherapy soap. 

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