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Face Serum + Face Scrub + Beard Balm

Face Serum + Face Scrub + Beard Balm

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All-in-One serum contains probiotic ACB Fruit Mix

Krocus Boutique's All-in-One facial serum is like a rich food for your hungry skin. Sophistically formulated with ABC Fruit Mix, this luxurious and effective Serum is your answer to smooth, wrinkle-free skin. Salicylic acid removes excess oil and dead skin revealing a truly rejuvenated complexion. Your skin will be left feeling clear and bright as the combination of glycolic acid and green tea stimulate your skin to boost collagen production, fight off acne and free radicals leaving your skiing radiant. This indulgent serum in addition also contains skin brightening kojic acid to help fade discolouration. Discover the probiotics in skincare with Krocus Boutique. 


Probiotic Face Gel Scrub contains Probacillus Revive that works best for Anti-Ageing, Enhanced Cellular Renewal & Moisturising effect.

Krocus Boutique's gel based probiotic facial scrub is a satisfying GMO and preservative-face scrub. Probacillus Revive optimizes moisture levels in the skin, supporting the skin's ability to self-repair by enhancing cellular renewal along with increasing the collagen production to improve skin texture. This reinvigorating effect improves skin tone and elasticity giving your skin a rich, radiant, and youthful glow. Combined with the gel-based technology, this gentle facial exfoliator is water-based that improves the skin's hydration to further minimize the appearance of wrinkles for additional anti-aging results.

Beard Balm contains the goodness of Avocado oil, Agran oil, Kokum Butter

Tame those wiry flyaways with Krocus Boutique's argan oil-infused scented beard balm. Free from toxins and packed with antioxidants, vitamins and minerals, and natural SPF and pollutant protection. Beard Balm nourishes dry hair to tame and prevent flyaways. The light formula gives a healthy shine without being greasy or heavy on the skin. Avocado oil and shea butter combine to deliver the ultimate care package in moisturising and protecting your skin and hair. 

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