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Double-Mint Lip Scrub

Double-Mint Lip Scrub

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DoubleMint Lip Scrub 
Experience the harmonious mingle of wellness-based indulgence and therapeutic lip care experience with Krocus Boutique’s DoubleMint Lip Scrub. The minty freshness of the lip scrub is an absolute delight, and our nutrition-infused treatment provides your lips with a royal treatment that lasts long. Our carefully curated blend of exquisite ingredients, tailored to match your lips, delivers a luxury lip care experience you will cherish forever. Nourish your lips with the benefits of our exquisite natural ingredients, which truly care for your lip health making our nutrition-infused DoubleMint Lip Scrub an integral part of our nutri-cosmetics collection. 

What is DoubleMint Lip Scrub? 
The continuous application of toxic make-up products together with dead skin cells accumulated on the lips skin makes them dull, rough and unmoisturized.  Weather changes further cause stress to the lips making them dry or chapped. Krocus Boutique’s nutrition-infused DoubleMint Lip Scrub gently and effectively helps exfoliate the delicate skin of the lips along with eliminating impurities and getting rid of the dead skin cells giving them a bright, youthful appearance and the healthy pink glow.

Ingredients of DoubleMint Lip Scrub 
The DoubleMint Lip Scrub is a nutritionally-infused therapeutic grade lip care product, meticulously crafted with the magical fusion of Peppermint essential oil and Grape Seed oil which is abundantly rich in Linoleic acid and the exquisite DoubleMint extract to enhance your lip care routine experience.

DoubleMint Lip Scrub’s Ingredients and Uses 
Bid adieu to your lip health concerns, because the Krocus Boutique’s nutrition-infused DoubleMint Lip Scrub will alleviate your lip care journey and bring a fresh allure to your dull lips. Peppermint essential oil is the perfect choice to heal and nourish your cracked lips. Rich in anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties, it acts as a fortifying barrier for wind-chapped lips. Grape Seed oil is a great nourishing agent that eliminates dryness and makes your lips moisturized. It reduces the signs of ageing and keeps the lips hydrated. In addition, the Vitamin F from the Linoleic acid helps hydrate the moisture-starved skin, improves the cellular turnover and aids in reducing inflammation on the lips skin. The minty goodness of the DoubleMint Lip scrub can provide a soothing sensation on your lips. Also, the menthol found in mint has natural cooling properties that can help alleviate any discomfort or irritation, ensuring the DoubleMint scrub is crafted specially to ensure your health.

Why incorporating DoubleMint Lip Scrub would be beneficial? 
Restore the natural beauty and vitality of your lips health with the DoubleMint Lip Scrub. The fine soothing properties Krocus Boutique’s nutrition-infused DoubleMint Lip Scrub make your lips feel nourished, replenished and pampered. Improve your lip-health with its regular use and witness the upper layer of your lips becomes naturally pink and soft. A combination of all the therapeutic grade natural ingredients will be an elite treat for your lips as it eradicates dryness, and leaves your lips supple, irresistibly smooth, and healthy.

How to use DoubleMint Lip Scrub? 
Nourish your lips with the enchanting properties of DoubleMint Lip Scrub. Take a small amount with your finger and apply it on your bare lips. Spread the product on your lips and gently massage your lips using a finger. After a minute, rinse off the product with water and dab your lips with a clean towel. You will experience a fresh delight and a soft suppleness on your lips. For additional benefits, moisturize your lips with Krocus Boutique’s Lip Pomade. You will love the graciousness of your shiny lips, thanks to the DoubleMint Lip Scrub.


Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of DoubleMint Lip Scrub? 
Taking care of your lips and protecting them from dryness and impurities is an essential part of your lip care journey. The soft and bright texture of your lips can be sustained through regular exfoliation with the right products. Krocus Boutique’s nutrition-infused DoubleMint Lip Scrub is an excellent exfoliating agent that protects and prevents your lips from adverse conditions like dryness, dullness, dehydration, etc. Regular exfoliation with nutrition-infused DoubleMint Lip Scrub will removes toxic make-up residue and dead skin cells and can curb all lip concerns, giving you soft, healthy, beautiful lips.

Why should you exfoliate your lips with the DoubleMint Lip Scrub? 
In a world saturated with synthetic formulations, our nutrition-infused naturally exfoliating DoubleMint Lip Scrub stands as a testament to authenticity. The thoughtfully curated selection of natural ingredients not only guarantees a chemical-free indulgence but also reflects our dedication to sustainability. The DoubleMint Lip Scrub is completely natural and does not contain any synthetic additives. It has a fine granular texture to gently exfoliate your lips. By exfoliating regularly with this scrub, the upper layer of your lips stays naturally pink and beautiful.

How frequently can the DoubleMint Lip Scrub be used? 
Your lips should be exfoliated occasionally to maintain good lips health. The nutrition-infused DoubleMint Lip Scrub is made of natural ingredients, and will work great if used on once-a-week basis. To obtain maximum results, it is advised to use moisturizing Krocus Boutique Lip Pomades after scrubbing your lips. Doing this imparts hydration and nourishment to your exfoliated lips.

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